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AWAY FROM HER – Jonathan Goldsmith

Original Review by Jonathan Broxton

A small-scale US/Canadian drama directed by one-time child actress Sarah Polley, Away From Her would likely have passed straight under everybody’s radar if it wasn’t for Julie Christie’s emotionally shattering, Oscar-nominated leading performance. She plays Fiona Anderson, a loving wife and mother, whose happy married life is shattered when she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Reluctantly, Fiona’s husband Grant (Gordon Pinsent) places her into a nursing home – and for the first time in five decades they are forced to undergo a long-time separation since the nursing home has a “no-visitors” policy for the first 30 days of a patient’s stay. However, when Grant visits Fiona after the orientation period, he is devastated to find out that not only has the disease caused her to seemingly forget him, but that she has transferred her affections to another man – Aubrey (Michael Murphy), a wheelchair bound mute patient at the nursing home.

The music for Away From Her is by veteran Canadian composer Jonathan Goldsmith (no relation to Jerry), best known to soundtrack aficionados for his score for the 1998 Anglo-Indian feature Such A Long Journey. His music for Away From Her is small and intimate, much like the film itself, relying mainly on synths and electro-acoustic guitar textures, the majority of which were performed by Goldsmith too.

The restraint Goldsmith shows in his music is admirable; it surely would have been all-to-easy to descend into the schmaltzy, mawkish disease-of-the-week overkill which would have rendered Christie’s performance obsolete – instead, we are treated to a series of pretty, understated themes which accentuate the prevailing mood of the film: reflection, sadness, and resignation.

There is no commercial soundtrack CD of Goldsmith’s music for Away From Her; the 14-track promo runs for just under half an hour and provides an adequate and enjoyable reflection of Goldsmith’s score. Track 1, Track 6 and Track 12 are of special note.

Rating: **½

Track Listing:

  • 14 unnamed cues

Running Time: 24 minutes 41 seconds

Promo (2007)

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