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THE SEA HAWK – Erich Wolfgang Korngold

December 7, 2015 1 comment


Original Review by Craig Lysy

Captain Blood (1935) was such a stunning box office success that Warner Brothers Studios decided to follow-up with a second sea faring adventure, which would again feature their dashing swashbuckling hero Errol Flynn. Production delays and script rewrites delayed the film until 1940, however the time was well spent, as the final product was just brilliant, perhaps the greatest swashbuckling film of all time. Korngold was the natural choice for composer and his classic European romantic style was perfectly suited for the film. He always viewed films as an opera libretto for orchestra and sought to create a complex, ornate, and thematically rich contrapuntal soundscape. For The Sea Hawk he created an amazing eleven leitmotifs that fully captured the sea faring, adventure, heroism and pageantry of the Spanish and Elizabethan courts. Read more…