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THE LAST MIMZY – Howard Shore

March 23, 2007 Leave a comment

Original Review by Clark Douglas

Some have said that “The Last Mimzy” is the most hopeful and optimistic movie to come along in some time, and they are quite right. “Optimistic” is an appropriate word, perhaps “deluded” is another. The movie strains so hard to create a world of beautiful fantasy that it very nearly snaps. This bothered me quite a bit, as many portions of “The Last Mimzy” feel like a deceptive set-up to a freaky horror movie, but no, everything goes smashingly from start to finish. Then again, the movie wasn’t made for me, and it’s a bit difficult to gauge how children will respond to it. I suspect a lot of them will like it well enough, probably because it doesn’t treat them like mentally challenged schizophrenics. Read more…