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October 26, 2015 Leave a comment

brideoffrankenstein100 GREATEST SCORES OF ALL TIME

Original Review by Craig Lysy

Franz Waxman’s superb seminal score for The Bride of Frankenstein is as iconic as the movie itself. It has the epic sweep of a Wagnerian opera, yet its beauty, and its genius lies within its evocative strangeness, disquieting dissonance, haunting melodies and unusual timbres. So successful was Waxman’s effort that it earned him a studio contract, and set the standard for scoring the horror genre for decades. Indeed, much of Waxman’s techniques have been interpolated into other films, most notably Flash Gordon’s Trip To Mars (1938), and his approach for eerie castles firmly embedded into the collective consciousness of popular culture. What sets his effort here apart was his success, his brilliance in speaking to the complex elements of the film’s narrative; the horror, the grotesque, the sinister and the comedic. That he was able to succeed on all counts reveals genius. Read more…