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MINDHUNTERS – Tuomas Kantelinen

May 13, 2005 Leave a comment

mindhuntersOriginal Review by Peter Simons

After David Julyan was relieved of his scoring duties on Renny Harlin’s psychological thriller Mindhunters, Finnish composer Tuomas Kantelinen was brought in for what appeared to be a last-minute replacement job. Within three weeks he wrote and recorded an 80-minute orchestral score. It’s hardly ever a pretty sight to see a composer’s work getting rejected, especially when it’s a young and promising composer like Julyan. The redeeming factor here is that Kantelinen himself is a marvelous but unknown composer who really deserves his big break. However, Renny Harlin’s career today isn’t what it used to be. The days of Cliffhanger and The Long Kiss Goodnight have long since passed. Though I personally found his Cutthroat Island to be a superbly entertaining movie, most of the world didn’t care for a female pirate roaming the high seas. The movie bankrupted Carolco and ruined Harlin’s career. Unfortunately for Harlin, his latest thriller doesn’t appear to be the solid pic he’d need for the audience to restore their faith in him. Mindhunters was supposed to be released in the fall of 2003, but currently holds an uncertain release date for September 2004, having been bumped at least three times. With each time the film is delayed, it gets less likely the movie will ever play in theatres at all. This is particularly unfortunate for Kantelinen, whose complex and exciting score for this potential blockbuster could’ve been his ticket out of Finland. Read more…