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May 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Original Review by Jonathan Broxton

A fun rom-com reworking of the classic Scrooge tale, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past stars Matthew McConaughey as Connor Mead, a love ‘em and leave ‘em serial monogamist who, while attempting to stop his younger brother’s wedding, is visited by the ghost of his dead uncle Wayne (Michael Douglas). In life, Wayne was a player like Connor, but in death has seen the error of his ways; now, in attempt to save his younger nephew’s nuptials, Wayne tells Connor that he will be visited by the “ghosts” of girlfriends past, present, and future, who will show him that true love, rather than casual sex, is the way to go.

The film is directed by Mark Waters, co-stars Jennifer Garner, Breckin Meyer, Robert Forster and Anne Archer, and has an original score by Scottish-born composer Rolfe Kent. Read more…