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March 15, 2005 Leave a comment


Original Review by Jonathan Broxton

In the decade that has passed since the original release of Cutthroat Island, several things have happened. Firstly, the studio which financed the film – Carolco – was bankrupted and went out of business, predominantly due to the failure of this film. Cutthroat Island cost approximately $92 million to make, and recouped just $10 million at the US box office, making it one of the most spectacular financial flops in cinematic history. Secondly, the film’s stars – Geena Davis and Matthew Modine – have virtually disappeared from our screens: Davis had made just three films since this one (The Long Kiss Goodnight and two Stuart Littles), while Modine has been reduced to starring in movies of the week, although he was nominated for a TV Golden Globe in 1998. Thirdly, and possibly most important in terms of this review, the international profile of John Debney has skyrocketed. Read more…