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CITY OF MEN – Antônio Pinto

February 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Original Review by Clark Douglas

A follow-up to the popular Brazilian television series of the same title, “City of Men” is a film about the troubled friendship of two young men in Rio (Douglas Silvo and Darlan Cunha). The two friends each discover secrets from their past, and attempt to deal with their violent future as gang members. Over time, a great deal of strain is put on their friendship. The film is well-liked by those who have seen it, but it seems to have pretty much slipped under the radar of just about everyone.

Music is provided by composer Antônio Pinto, who was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. In fact, Pinto has spent the first decade or so of his career scoring Brazilian film and television efforts, including the “City of Men” television show Read more…