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HEUTE BIN ICH BLOND – Johan Hoogewijs

heutebinichblondOriginal Review by Jonathan Broxton

Heute Bin Ich Blond is a German comedy-drama directed by Marc Rothemund and starring Lisa Tomaschewski as Sophie, a 21 year-old girl in contemporary Germany who learns she has cancer. Rather than letting her diagnosis rule her life, she instead decides to enjoy her life as though she were not sick; pre-empting chemotherapy, she shaves her head and invests in nine different colored wigs, which help her live out nine different aspects of her personality. Together with her best friend Annabel (Karolina Teska), Sophie goes to parties, flirts, has sex, falls in love with her long-time friend Rob (David Rott), and writes her daily blog, while all the while the possibility of her imminent death looms on the horizon. The film was based on the popular autobiography by Dutch author Sophie van der Stap, “Meisje Met Negen Pruiken”, and received generally favorable reviews when it opened in cinemas in March 2013.

The score for the film is by Belgian composer Johan Hoogewijs, who is best known internationally for his score for the 2009 film Life in One Day. Hoogewijs’s score is effortlessly elegant, and generally optimistic, mirroring the positive outlook on life adopted by the lead character. The score is anchored by a lovely, expressive theme for piano, strings and glockenspiel in the opening cue, “Einzug im Krankenhaus”, and this style of writing continues through much of the score. There is a little bit of more contemporary synth noodling in cues like “Erste Bestrahlung und Brief an Krebs” and “Erste Chemo”, which comes across as a little aggressive and confrontational, although these soon do give way to more of the lovely, lyrical piano writing for which Hoogewijs is best known.

Cues like “Brief an Krebs”, “Alles Echt”, “Erste Zeitsprungmontage“ and “Zeitsprung” are simply lovely, unadorned piano cues, while cues like “Ich Sehe Meine Schône Schwester Wieder”, “Glatze Rasieren”, “Chantal Stirbt” and the joyous “Sie Sind Frei” flesh out the palette with strings, edgy pizzicato effects and sorrowful cello chords that are just superb. The commercial soundtrack album for Heute Bin Ich Blond features a mix of songs and excerpts from Hoogewijs’s score; the complete score promo runs for just under 40 minutes and is well worth seeking out if you can find it.

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Track Listing:

  • Einzug ins Krankenhaus (1:16)
  • Erste Bestrahlung und Brief an Krebs (3:27)
  • Haaren Ausgehen (0:56)
  • Brief an Krebs (2:46)
  • Kickerkneipe Hochrechnung (0:30)
  • Alles Echt (2:13)
  • Auf die Bahre (0:46)
  • Erste Chemo (1:08)
  • Ich Sehe Meine Schône Schwester Wieder (1:44)
  • Liebeskummer (1:34)
  • Glatze Rasieren (2:49)
  • Erste Zeitsprungmontage (3:49)
  • Chantal Stirbt (2:59)
  • Neues Jahr (0:38)
  • Fahrt Zur Ostsee (0:57)
  • In der CT-Röhre (0:41)
  • Krebsreflexion (1:01)
  • Sophie und Sas (0:36)
  • Zeitsprung (3:51)
  • Universitât (1:28)
  • Sie Sind Frei (3:14)

Running Time: 38 minutes 23 seconds

Promo (2013)

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