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Original Review by Clark Douglas

Once upon a time, four teenage girls shared a pair of pants over the course of one memorable summer. Now they’re a little older and a little wiser, they’re starting to fall in love and discover new things, and they’re taking turns wearing the pants again. Yes, it’s called “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.” Bearing that in mind, it’s not surprise to discover that the score has been provided by Rachel Portman, who is drawn to romantic movies like a paper clip to a magnet. Even so, I found the choice of Portman to be a particularly disappointing one in this case. The first film was scored by the perpetually overlooked Cliff Eidelman, whose pleasant music served the film well. Sadly, Eidelman didn’t return to score the second film, meaning we get yet another variation on that same score that Rachel Portman always writes. Of the Portman variations available this year, I would recommend going for “The Duchess” first. That one has a bit more substance and complexity, while this one is a bit on the lighter and fluffier side.

Oh, to be sure, it’s easy to like the music here. Portman’s sunny strings and gentle melodies are always reasonably appealing, and that is most assuredly the case in this score. However, it’s a score that comes and goes quickly (it’s only 27 minutes long), and by the time it has concluded, you don’t feel that you’ve heard anything new. Listening to the album for the first time feels like listening to the album for the tenth time. Portman certainly isn’t the only composer in Hollywood to borrow from herself regularly, but unlike most other composers, she doesn’t appear to have another bag of tricks to pull out every once in a while.

It’s the same thing every single time, and if you all ready own a few Portman scores, I really don’t see any reason to add this one to your collection. Taken on it’s own without the perspective of the rest of Portman’s work… well, it’s just fine.

Rating: ***

Track Listing

  • Sisterhood (3:29)
  • Kostas (0:44)
  • Carmen and Ian Rehearse (2:39)
  • Welcome Home (1:07)
  • Bridget (3:20)
  • The Letters (2:43)
  • Lena (4:14)
  • Tibby (4:07)
  • Carmen (3:52)
  • Well Worn Pair of Pants (1:39)

Running Time: 27 minutes 54 seconds

Varèse Sarabande VSD-6918 (2008)

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