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PATHOLOGY – Johannes Kobilke and Robert Williamson

Original Review by Clark Douglas

I didn’t see “Pathology”, but most critics seem to agree that it’s yet another dreary horror film without much artistic merit. Starring Milo Ventimiglia of “Heroes”, the film tells the grisly tale of a group of doctors using their medical skills to perform nasty murders. Most film scores for this sort of thing tend to be incredibly boring unless they’re being written by the likes of Christopher Young. Sadly, “Pathology” is no exception.

The music is provided by composers Johannes Kobilke and Robert Williamson, who both had a breakout year in 2008; in addition to “Pathology”, they were also given the horror film “The Midnight Meat Train”. My copy of the score came with a press release boasting that “Pathology” is the first iTunes score to be presented in Dolby Pro Logic II, which encodes surround sound mixes into stereo sound files. I popped this disc into my DVD player and turned up my speaker system. Let me tell you, being surrounded by this music doesn’t make it any better.

It’s a dull, dreary, banally atmospheric effort that is built around extended drones and the occasional standard-issue horror sting. As sound design, it’s reasonably professional stuff that sets a certain tone. I have no doubt that it does exactly what it is supposed to do within the film. As an album of music, “Pathology” is rather crummy. The only genuinely redemptive moment is “Gwen’s Theme”, a gentle piano piece that offers a bit of pleasant melody. The album concludes with what surely must be the least-interesting finale of the year, “Final Meeting”, which offers nearly five minutes of barely audible murmurings before withering out with a few limp percussion beats.

If you’re a sound junkie desperate to own any film score presented in 5.1 surround sound, this will do the trick. I simply can’t recommend “Pathology” to anyone who values interesting music.

Rating: *½

Track Listing:

  • The List (performed by Renholder) (3:58)
  • Unintended Consequences (performed by The Legion of Doom feat. Triune) (2:08)
  • Parade of the Horribles (performed by The Circle Jerks) (1:28)
  • Fuck Me, Please…/Meeting the Interns (4:37)
  • We Don’t Like You… (1:27)
  • Harper Johnson… (0:56)
  • Disagreement (7:57)
  • Ohrenschmerz (6:18)
  • Dr. Crack (2:54)
  • Killing Daddy (2:07)
  • Who is the Best (1:09)
  • Juliette and Teo (1:11)
  • Liebeszauber (1:34)
  • Smoking Kills (1:17)
  • The Morgue (3:59)
  • Confrontation (2:11)
  • Meeting at the Morgue (2:34)
  • Ted Runs (1:24)
  • Gwen’s Theme (2:12)
  • Final Meeting (4:56)
  • Bibo No Adzora (performed by Selectracks Studio Ensemble) (2:56)

Running Time: 59 minutes 13 seconds

Lakeshore Records LKS-33933 (2008)

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