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AGNES BROWNE – Paddy Moloney

March 3, 2000 Leave a comment

agnesbrowneOriginal Review by Jonathan Broxton

The second film directed by Anjelica Huston (following the acclaimed 1996 TV movie Bastard Out Of Carolina), Agnes Browne is a comedy-drama based on the novel “The Mammy” by Brendan O’Carroll about a working class mother of many from Dublin (Huston) who, upon becoming a widow, finds her life becoming increasingly difficult. Faced with the possibility of poverty, she makes a wrong move by turning to a ruthless local money-lender (Ray Winstone) for help. With the bailiffs closing in on Agnes and her family, a single dreams keeps her on an even keel: the possibility of attending an upcoming Tom Jones concert. Then, when a French baker (Arno Chevrier) arrives on the scene, Agnes’ life finally seems to take an upward turn. Read more…