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Passionata Film Scoring raising funds for Oklahoma Tornado Relief

redcrosslogo1The tornado which devastated parts of Oklahoma the other day has left many people dead and thousands homeless. My friend Phil Watkins, of Passionata Film Scoring, is currently running a silent auction to raise money for the American Red Cross and the Oklahoma Tornado Relief Fund.

Please see the following message from Phil for further details on how to donate to this worthy cause.


In my work as a freelance photographer I am fortunate enough to travel the globe capturing an array of sights and emotions in the film music world. Waking up this week to see the scenes from Moore, a suburb outside of Oklahoma City made me thankful for everything I am fortunate enough to do.

It was seeing the scenes of complete destruction that kick started my efforts into organising a silent auction for the ‘RED CROSS RELIEF FUND’ to be run through my Passionata Film Score Photography page. Many emails, messages and phone calls later and I have been overwhelmed by the generous response from the film music community. And now I am calling out to the amazing fans of film music to help me out.

Currently available for auction are the following donations:

  • CHRISTOPHER LENNERTZ (Signed Dogs of War Conductor score and MOH Box Set)
  • NEAL ACREE (Signed Rare World of Warcraft and StarCraft CDs)
  • JAMES PETERSON (Signed Red Canvas CD)
  • MIRIAM CUTLER (Signed Circus Music CD)
  • SHARON FARBER (Signed When Nietzsch Wept CD)
  • MICHAEL PRICE (Signed Sherlock CDs and score sheet)
  • LOLITA RITMANIS (Signed bundle of 5 CDs and DVDs)
  • HANS ZIMMER (Signed Muppet Treasure Island poster)
  • RYAN SHORE (Signed collection of CDs and DVDs)
  • GEORGE FENTON (Signed Frozen Planet CD)
  • JOHN WILLIAMS (Signed photo)
  • BASIL POLEDOURIS (Signed Lonesome Dove CD)
  • PATRICK DOYLE (Signed Brave poster)

and many more great items to be announced in the coming days…

The Silent Auction has no minimum reserve on items and all money raised goes directly to the Red Cross Relief fun. Bidders simply have to email their bid to passionatafilmscoring@gmail.com and the highest silent bid will win the item.

Auction ends SUNDAY 2nd JUNE

Let’s use our passion and community spirit to raise some much needed money for those currently suffering in Moore, Oklahoma.

The website to visit is: https://www.facebook.com/PassionataFilmScoring

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