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KINGS ROW – Erich Wolfgang Korngold

August 1, 2016 1 comment


Original Review by Craig Lysy

Kings Row continued Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s late career transition from period piece and swashbuckling adventure films to adult dramas whose darker tones and complex narratives, which lent themselves well to his operatic writing. Hal Wallis of Warner Brothers saw a powerful social narrative after reading Henry Bellamann’s stunning novel Kings Row (1940) and immediately secured film rights. The story follows Parris Mitchell of small town America circa 1900 as he sees the idyllic and pristine veneer of his Midwest town slowly stripped bare before his eyes with a grim and damning commentary, which included sadism, suicide, homosexuality, insanity, euthanasia, and murder. When compared to the novel, the film is tame, as the Hays Code censored most of the more sordid and controversial elements of the plot. Nevertheless the film did find its day in the sun both commercially and critically, earning three Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Cinematography. Read more…