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DEATH SENTENCE – Charlie Clouser

August 31, 2007 1 comment

Original Review by Clark Douglas

There are few things I enjoy more than discovering that a movie I expected to be dumb and poorly made is actually smart and well-crafted. In addition, there are few things that disappoint me as much as discovering that a movie that seems smart and fresh is actually dumb and routine. Watching “Death Sentence”, I unusually experienced both the former and the latter.

The film begins by introducing us to a very happy family of four. The father is played by Kevin Bacon, the mother is played by Kelly Preston, both sporting cheerful grins. Their two teenage boys are generally upstanding, well-behaved kids, and things are just hunky-dory. As you might expect from a movie with such a cheerful opening, tragedy soon occurs. The oldest son is killed by a young gang member. After the legal system fails to bring this young man to justice, Bacon hunts the kid down and kills him in a rage of anger Read more…