dieandereheimatOriginal Review by Jonathan Broxton

An expansive, 3½-hour German historical drama, Die Andere Heimat: Chronik Einer Sehnsucht is a theatrical sequel to the influential three-part 1980s mini-series Heimat, once again written and directed by Edgar Reitz. Set in a small village in the Hunsrück mountains, it centers on a young man, Jacob Simon (Jan Dieter Schnieder), who longs to leave home and settle in America with his love, Jettchen (Antonia Bill). However, when Jacob’s brother Gustav (Maximilian Scheidt) returns from Prussian military service, the love between Jacob and Jettchen is shaken, and Jacob’s life begins to head in a completely different direction from what he had originally planned.

The score for Die Andere Heimat: Chronik Einer Sehnsucht is by jazz clarinetist and composer Michael Riessler, who worked on previous Heimat stories in 2004 and 2006, but whose work is virtually unknown outside his native Germany. Riessler’s score complements with the stylized, black-and-white cinematography of the film itself. There’s a hint of Germanic folk music to the score, especially through the use of accordions, barrel organs, and Riessler’s own clarinet leading the stately main theme “Jakob’s Welt”, which roots the score in a more nostalgic, more idyllic time.

Most of the score is quite sparse, featuring just the aforementioned soloists, a small string section led by cellos, and a solo voice performed by vocalist Salome Kammer, and it casts a hypnotic spell redolent of rural life. “Sehnen” is the first of a couple of cues that have a definite liturgical feel, especially through the use of Kammer’s ghostly vocals, but much of the rest of the score tends to be quite textural and a little distant, eschewing any front-and-center emotional content for something a little more naturalistic. It’s pleasant enough, but certainly not something I would return to on a regular basis.

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Track Listing:

  • Jakob’s Welt
  • Erinnern
  • Sehnen
  • Amanaye
  • Zeitloser Duft
  • Ohne Dauer
  • Kreisen
  • Verweilen
  • Jejoukale
  • Innehalten
  • Anderer Himmel
  • Jakoulema
  • Rastlos Schwebend
  • Verhalten
  • Unruhig
  • Amanaye Kaikju

Running Time: 43 minutes 11 seconds

Cinik International Recording CNK-032 (2013)

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