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Original Review by Jonathan Broxton

After three movies, the Resident Evil franchise is still – amazingly – still going strong, with Milla Jovovich still kicking mutant ass as freedom fighter Alice, who has made her way to what remains of Las Vegas and trying to stay alive and stay out of the way of the evil creatures that now roam the earth, following the catastrophes of the first two films. Extinction is directed by veteran Russell Mulcahy, and also stars Oded Fehr, Ali Larter and Iain Glen.

After efforts by Marco Beltrami, Marilyn Manson and Jeff Danna, this movie features a score by the inexplicably popular Charlie Clouser, hot of his success on the similarly-grotesque Saw franchise. True to his roots as a former member of the metal rock band Nine Inch Nails, the score is entirely synthesized, performed by Clouser himself and his former band mate, guitarist Danny Lohner. I’m not sure what I hated more about this score: the obnoxious, grating, sub-industrial sonic hell that the music inhabits, or the overbearing, cochlea-melting loudness of it all. It’s just relentless, pounding, irritating noise – and worst of all, the score album, on Lakeshore Records, runs for 64 soul-destroying minutes.

This album could almost be classified as an instrument of torture under the Geneva Convention due its interminable length. I defy anyone with working ears to sit and listen to over an hour of this music for any reason other than to review it. But listen to it I did, and to prove it I will admit that cues like “Dog Attack” and “Birds Attack” are quite effective in the way they depict the frenzied motion the film embraces in its action scenes, and cues like “Convoy” could be considered cool montage sequences, and are at least in some way thematic.

At the other end of the scale, cues like “Perimeter Fire” and “Carlos Hug” adopt an ethereal, vaguely dreamlike tone which, if nothing else, provide a few moments of respite from the carnage. However, beyond these brief high spots, I can find very little else positive to say about Resident Evil: Extinction. If your music tastes extend towards what basically amount to thrashing hard-rock instrumentals overlaid by processed synthesized effects, you may actually enjoy this score. Everyone else should avoid it like the plague. Or the T-Virus.

Rating: *

Track Listing:

  • Clone Awake (0:46)
  • The Ditch (1:50)
  • Alice Ride (0:55)
  • Dog Attack (2:17)
  • To the Hive (2:35)
  • Flysolated (0:55)
  • Convoy (0:40)
  • Motel Closet (2:26)
  • Dexterity (2:01)
  • Perimeter Fire (2:53)
  • Telepathic Sense (1:39)
  • Desert Walk (1:09)
  • Birds Attack (4:46)
  • Choose Sides (2:12)
  • Carlos Hug (2:35)
  • Positive ID (2:28)
  • For Alaska (2:57)
  • New Orders (2:25)
  • Vegas Journal (0:42)
  • Container (2:29)
  • Open Box (1:49)
  • Losing Texan (1:35)
  • To Tent (2:00)
  • Tentacles (1:22)
  • Carlos Plan (2:25)
  • Tanker Truck (2:48)
  • Others Gone (1:06)
  • Elevator (1:12)
  • Your Blood (2:04)
  • Clone Bubble (1:23)
  • Alice Pic (0:45)
  • Isaacs Dead (2:45)
  • Laser Tunnel (0:25)
  • New Headquarters (1:54)

Running Time: 64 minutes 13 seconds

Lakeshore Records LKS-33975 (2007)

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